925. Sterling Silver $224.95

 925. Sterling Silver                  $99.95

Web Skull Wing Ring W Gold and Blue Stone2

  925. Sterling Silver W/ 14 Kt.   Gold and Blue Austrian Crystal                   $374.95

Web Jawless Skull Ring

     Solid 925. Sterling Silver                  $149.95

Web Skull Wing Ring W Turquose

 925. Sterling Silver W/ Turquoise                 $139.95

web SS standup ring

 Solid Sterling Silver                   $224.95
  Solid Sterling Silver                  $99.95
  Solid Sterling Silver                   $124.95

5 responses to “Rings

  1. Hi Kenny where have you been I thought we lost you forever. Did you close your other website. All my ridding buddies have one of your skull and sword pendent around our necks I tell everyone it’s our family crest. I thought you went out of business glad I found you on bikerornot. Look forward to doing business with you again. I was wondering is that iron cross with the brass skull a ring or if not can you make it one. Thanks John

    • Hi John!
      Yeah. I’m still alive and kicking. I’m glad to hear you are too!That’s too cool that you and your buddies still have the pendants you got from me. Maybe you can send me a photo for the web site. Here’s my email address. buell62@aol.com
      That cross pendant your referring to is Sterling and the skull on it is 14Kt. Gold. I know Gold is pretty expensive now, so I could make the skull in Bronze. Or even what’s called Gold Vermeil. That’s Sterling Silver with a heavy Gold plating. The minimum thickness of the plating is 100 mils.It wears well and won’t tarnish like Bronze would.
      And I could make it into a ring for you. I’ll experiment with it.
      Anyway, I’m glad you found me at BON.
      I hope the New Year is being good to you so far.

  2. Hi Kenny:
    Lost contact due to your web site change. Always like to keep in touch with your product line. Wear your pins on all my biker vests (Skull with wings) and also the skull with wings ring….fantastic!
    Noticed all prices have gone up, no doubt due to material costs…..
    Thanks for all the fine work.

    Check back later

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